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First impressions from real Thrivers trying the THRIVE Experience...

I have been Thriving for a month now and I love it. I enjoy waking up feeling well rested and ready for my day after my 3 steps. Before Thrive I would wake up dreading to start my day. I was tired and always planned a nap during the day. I was not happy and always felt cranky. After Thrive I wake up in a great mood and ready for my day. I sleep soundly at night and am more focused at work. I have lost weight doing my 3 easy steps in the morning.
Brandy Cochran
My name is Nicole Zilkowsky, and this my Thrive Experience. I like to start by saying I didn't really choose this company it actually choose me. I was sent a sample and had zero expectations of what it would do for me. In all honesty, I thought it was going to be just like every other product out on the market claiming to do this that and everything. People want big changes....I wanted big changes!!! Instead, I got a hundred small changes from sleeping soundly, more energy, calmed general aches and discomforts, better mood, and so much more. I was blown away to say the least. I had no idea all those little changes were "the big change!!" I needed. I am a better person, wife and mother because of this product....I will never go back to the old me again:)) I was overweight, unhappy, and tired ALL the time!!! I was at a point where I was just kind of giving up. After that three day sample arrived, I bought my first month and have been doing it for free every since. You heard me free. I thought for sure there was a catch. Nope! My life in the last the 4 months has done a complete turn around!!! I've lost weight and inches!!! I feel happy and healthy!!! I don't need my coffee every morning to feel awake. I can't even explain it to most people it is truly a must try!! Thanks to Thrive I have my life back!!!
Nicole Zilkowsky
Throughout the years I have tried numerous products to help with weight management or energy and have never seen results. I have been thrivin' for 1 week today and I feel more rested when I wake up and more energy throughout the day. I never dreamed of the day that I would find the product for me. Thanks to Thrive, I can live life to the fullest with my baby girl and not be too tired to do it.
Brandy Cochran
I have been using Thrive for 2 weeks now and I feel great. Before Thrive, I would find every reason not to get out of my comfy clothes or do anything. I felt tired all day and stayed cranky a lot. I didn't sleep soundly at night and just overall wasn't feeling my best. Once I tried Thrive from a good friend I noticed everything I have been missing out on. I feel like a different person who wants to get out of bed, who doesn't care if I wake up before my alarm. I sleep soundly at night and feel great. The 3 steps are the best way to start my day.
Brandy Cochran
I'm about a week and a half into my Thrive experience, and I'm glad to say that I was a Day One Thriver! I immediately felt not only the energy boost, which was steady and lasted all day long, but a calming and focused effect that improved my day-to-day interactions and job performance. The effects are especially noticeable when I'm eating healthier foods and drinking more water. Here's where the experience gets interesting though. I also do an at-home yoga program, which I have neglected over the past couple of weeks. Under normal circumstances, I would have to start on the beginner/intermediate-level activities and build myself back up. Seeing as how Thrive has been making me feel fantastic right from the start of the day, I decided to start right out with my advanced-level workout. I had not only the energy to get through the entire hour, but I didn't feel like I needed a nap afterwards! Muscle and general joint discomfort is a lot calmer than what it normally would have been, and what was even better, I still had the same flexibility I had from two weeks ago! Thrive really has been an amazing product so far, and I look forward to it continuing to help my energy levels and reach my physical fitness goals in the future!
Jon Robertson
My name is Angel Leighton and this is MY Thrive Experience since August 4th, 2017. Weight is still the same (forget the scale- you will read why) I have lost numerous inches, my clothes are so much looser, and I have no more bloat. I have energy, I wake up from a night’s sleep feeling refreshed and rested, and I have not taken any naps NOT ONE. I CAN say I have not napped in 15 WEEKS!!!! (I napped continually and it was creeping into my no-life that I had from napping), I can get through my whole work day, go home, get dinner, clean up and still keep moving without feeling tired! Wellbeing, I am so much happier, I smile all the time and it’s not the fake smile to hide how I really was feeling inside, I have a glow about me again, my general joint discomfort has calmed, and I AM LIVING LIFE AGAIN! If someone approaches you to try the THRIVE Experience, they are sharing an opportunity for you to FEEL and look your best. Be open minded to at least creating a FREE account. A free account will give you the opportunity for knowledge of the products and knowledge of what the company is. TRUST the person who is talking to you about Thrive. They are living proof THRIVE has changed their lives and only want you to feel the same. Thank you Le-Vel for creating amazing products and your commitment to innovation as well as giving back to many charitable organizations, your customers through a refer 2 to Thrive for free, and providing your promoters with an opportunity for health, happiness, Le-Vel's auto bonus, trips and financial independence.
Angel Leighton
Not feeling like yourself, why not Thrive. Before Thrive, I was drinking energy drinks throughout the day, which lead to irritability, short tempers and lack of restful sleep. I was introduced to Thrive by a friend and she let me sample the 4 day product let’s just say day 1 I was sold. I started with my capsules as soon as I woke with water proceeded with getting ready for my day then 15-20 minutes later I would drink my probiotic shake and then apply my DFT to my skin. I started out at 177 pounds and now am down to 145 pounds and what’s crazy is how much it helped, not just with weight, but with my lifestyle. My husband and I were going through a rough time and our marriage was a roller coaster this product helped me evaluate myself and what we’ve become and how I was with my 2 boys . They are the heart and soul of my life and I let exhaustion and frustration almost ruin my family. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Thrive I’m not sure how my life would look. A year later I’m still thriving and all I can thInk of is how blessed I am to have family and friends who support me in this journey. How is it that these products can change your life, I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself. Talk to that person who invites you it could be the best decision you’ll ever make. And for the record I haven’t had any energy drinks since I’ve been Thriving.
Jennifer Stamatis
A few weeks ago I replaced my morning smoothie with the Thrive smoothies and I'm SO impressed with the extra energy I have all throughout the day. If I've had such remarkable results from just this element of the system, I imagine the whole system would be amazing!
Shannon LaRosse
My girlfriend gave me the samples!! Unbelievable, I felt like getting up in the mornings and no more 2 o'clock tired dog feeling in the afternoons. I got my Thrive today and plan to keep the feeling going!! Who knows maybe I'll drop a few pounds just cause I feel like I can move. Thank you:)
Cindy Groh
I am a stay at home mom. I had no energy wanted to sit on the couch all day and had lack of motivation. I had lots of cravings for sweets and pop. I knew I needed a change in my life and have heard from people how Thrive has helped them so I decided to take the step. I started Thrive 7 days ago and have already lost weight by walking for 20 mins a day and have lots more energy for spending time with my kids and getting housework done and my cravings for sweets and pop are completely gone. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Thrive!
Julie Morehouse

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of specific results and results may vary.

Thrivers sharing their inspiring stories about the THRIVE Experience...

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of specific results and results may vary.